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~ Tomorrow's Ideas....Today!


          Medical Minds Communications is a corporation whose mission is to encourage the sharing of medical knowledge in trust and truth
Formed by medical professionals and physician-directed, we are a medical education company committed to providing quality leadership in medical education for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and pharmaceutical representatives for the advancement of medical and scientific knowledge.  We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our business, and we work diligently to keep medical professionals current on medical and scientific breakthroughs, fostering “tomorrow’s ideas…today”. 

We are a closely held company, with an experienced and organized staff, and we take pride in our personal and customized services. We are committed to providing continuing educational experiences at reasonable costs, because we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical and financial responsibility.

We are experienced in providing the full spectrum of medical education services:

  •                      CE accredited presentations and mixed media
  •                      Symposia
  •                      Regional meetings
  •                      Advisory boards and Speaker Training
  •                      Roundtables discussions
  •                      Journal supplements  
  •                      Multimedia and electronic applications
  •                      Interactive learning environments - web presentations, conferencing
  •                      Print and digital media
  •                      Grand Rounds



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